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September 30

Last night, Pastor Steve and Becky led us in communion prior to starting our last chemo treatment. They have been a great example of persevering through trials and adversities. May God bless them for all they have done to sow in to the lives of so many.

Twelve hours after we started our day at MDA, we ended it at Grace Community Church north campus, where Doug shared. Pastor Steve asked Ashley if she would sing a song she had just taught herself to play the night before. The worship team at Grace began to minister immediately after, and Pastors Steve and Becky, along with Doug, led us in powerful times of prayer. It was a special time in corporate worship with friends and family in The Lord.

Here is a verse from the song Ashley played:

I could throw my fist in the air demanding answers
But in spite of all the questions
I’m still giving You my life
And if it doesn’t turn out like I think it should
It doesn’t change the fact You’re always good
Your ways are higher than mine

May we keep our eyes on the risen Son and allow Him to be our Comfort in the midst of our storms.
I pray you feel the Father’s embrace today. Thank you for your love and prayers, we could not have made it this far without them.

September 28

We returned late last night from Charlotte, where Doug helped facilitate The Response North Carolina. What ablessing to hear from so many who, with tears in their eyes, shared of all God did through this prayer gathering. Tomorrow, September 29, we will go to MDA to receive our last scheduled chemo treatment.

It is hard to describe the mixed emotions we are experiencing. The Stringer family will leave our home sometime after 7am and spend the day with pre-exams and doctor visits, then ending up in one of the chemo infusion hospital rooms.

We are believing for God’s grace to beon Doug as in times past, because our intention is to leave MDA sometime before 6pm and drive up to Grace Community Church for their 7pm midweek prayer service. Pastor Steve has been preaching on the power of God; Doug’s intent is to continue along the same line. There is power in the name of Jesus. Only God can allow a man to have completed six chemo treatments and leave the hospital bed to go share of His goodness immediately after treatment. We are believing for an incredible time in His presence and worship that will move His heart.


September 12

We arrived home late last night from our time of ministry in Dallas. Because it was September 11, security at the airport was heightened. Doug serves on the steering committee and honored to be one of the speakers at the UnitedCryDC 2016 fundraising banquet hosted by Lewis and Rachel Hogan, who have the vision to gather 30,000 pastors along with many others in Washington D.C. on April 9, 2016, to pray for America in a Joel 2 call to prayer.

During the banquet I was introduced to a young man who, along with some other young leaders, have met with Doug over the last couple of years. His name is Derek, and his own father died of cancer when he was 18. When Derek heard of Doug’s diagnosis, he felt led to go on a 40-day fast to pray for him, as a spiritual father to this generation. He said he also had a dream that Doug was healed. Needless to say, we were overwhelmed and humbled that this young man would make such a sacrifice to agree for Doug’s healing and calling. It was with glossy eyes that I thanked Derek for such a sacrifice; one that I know God used.

Today at a gathering I attended at church, a beautiful woman of God shared a dream she had about Doug 26 weeks ago; it is beautiful to see how God has moved in the hearts of many to cover us in prayer. We could never repay you adequately, but we do promise to pray for as many as God leads our way or puts on our hearts to cover. WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER. The prayers of the righteous avail much.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of you who have prayed for Doug’s healing, for all things that concern us, and the ministry. There is much to do, and it always feels like there is not enough time. We live to see others walk in His love and freedom. Sharing His love is a priceless treasure that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


August 18: No Sign of Cancer!

We met with our Dr. at MDA today to receive the results of the last PET Scan and blood work which was taken yesterday. The scan was done exactly half way through the treatment. About a week ago, Ashley had a dream that Daddy was healed and had a full head of hair again, something I am looking forward too. I realize many say he looks good bald, but I'm the wife and what can I say, I loved his hair. I also received a call from Susie Wolf who dreamt that Doug was writing a thank you letter to everyone for all the love and prayers shown to us as we walked through the cancer diagnosis. In the letter, Doug was sharing the news that God was bigger than the cancer that attacked his body.

Today with a grateful heart we share GREAT news! The scan taken after three chemo treatments showed NO EVIDENCE OF CANCER! We were told that we must complete the chemo as there could still be a minimal amount of cancer cells in the body that could not be detected by the test, and we needed to insure that they were all dead and gone.

We rejoice over what only The Lord could have done; He has proven that He is BIGGER than any diagnosis and any weapon formed against His children. We are without words, and full of tears of joy and emotions that cannot be described accurately. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!! JESUS, YOU DID IT!!!!

Through it all, we kept Hebrews 12:2 in mind; we did not lose our vision of hope, we kept our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith. We could not have received such an amazing report without your prayers, constant love and support, which kept us encouraged.

Please know that we are overwhelmed with joy but the battle is not over. Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19th, we return for round four of chemo. Please continue to hold us up in your prayers as we complete this medical protocol which concludes at the end of September.

Because Doug never received this diagnosis as his personally, but as a prophetic drama of the spiritual dynamic of our nation; after tears of joy, he reminded me that this is not a time to let our guard down or to let up on the intercession and prayer for our nation. Even for us, though the PET scan showed no evidence of disease, this is not a time to let up. We feel this is symbolic, so let us press forward in prayer and intercession for our nation.

May The Lord bless you all in ways in ways only He can. WE LOVE YOU ALL AND ARE GRATEFUL FOR YOU.


August 4

Today was not different than other typical days in the Stringer home; it seems like not much slows Douglas down, including meds such as chemo, which are supposed to slow you down significantly. Doug is proof that prayer changes things. Your prayers have availed much, and Doug has been able to keep a full schedule on most days. This is not to say he is not drained at the end of the day; but generally in good spirits. 

This morning we started out with a trip to MDA to have his PICC line cap changed, flushed, and dressing replaced. While we were there, three other families we knew of were also in the building; two for surgeries and one for a treatment plan and more. Our intention was to go and pray with each one in person. I was able to sit with one for a bit while Doug was being cared for. He was hoping to see all of them; knowing our time limitations, he grabbed my hand and began to pray for all three families in the waiting area of infusion therapy. He asked that I begin to make my rounds as he had an unknown wait time before being called back himself. 

We left MDA with a limited time to arrive and stand with Bishop Kossie and other 5th Ward church leaders targeted by the city of Houston during a press conference earlier this afternoon (Tuesday, August 4). The Liberty Institute is representing and defending the churches' rights. Doug is asking us to join him in prayer and supporting our friend Bishop Roy Kossie and the Latter Day Revival Church, as well as other churches in the 5th Ward of Houston. They are being pressured to give up some of their church properties under threat of eminent domain. What an honor it is to stand with these living legends who have been faithful to their community and The Lord as they fight for the right to keep their churches in their present location.

Next stop, Grace Community Church in The Woodlands. Doug began a series of pertinent and timely messages for the days in which we live. Doug will be the guest speaker each Tuesday evening in August, at 7pm, for their normal midweek prayer services. If you are available, feel free to join us.

Today, on social media, he posted the following: 

"We need to be a people of Biblical Principles, so we can build on the incorruptible seeds of righteousness. Invest first in the Enduring Word for the Word of the Lord endures forever. Take a moment and read 1 Peter 1:22-25." 


"Political Party and Personal Preferences will not outlast the Incorruptible seed and Enduring Word of the Lord that endures forever. Invest wisely. Build upon a Biblical Ideology and invest in the Characteristics of the Kingdom of God."

Douglas is just as passionate as ever to see people know and to grow deeper in The Lord. He inspires and motivates me, and somehow seems to have more energy than me, go figure!. May God bless you all with an amazing remainder of the week and may His joy fill your home. As He leads, would you please pray for the Duarte and Rex families as well as Elena. May they each encounter God's provision for everything every step of the way.

July 27

Doug has had a few opportunities to minster and has been full of energy while at the pulpit. We noticed that after he is done sharing, his voice is a tad hoarse and his body a bit worn. This will not stop him from sharing; he has made it clear to me and those near him that if the ability to share the love of the Lord is taken from him, simply put, it would not be good for his spirit. Doug continues to write articles and blog. In the last 24 hours many online magazines and a television network have asked permission to repost or publish his recent articles. We continue to shout from the rooftops of His goodness and will let His light shine in and through us in every way possible; the voice of The Lord will be heard!

Tomorrow, July 28th, we return to MDA for a full day of appointments including round three of chemotherapy. Over the last week Doug has noticed an increase in size of some of his lymph nodes and I noticed a bit of swelling around his neck and chin, which is evidence that there are still obstacles to overcome, but as Doug says, "Every obstacle and adversity is an opportunity for God to do something great." We are not stressed over what we see. Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Your prayers are making a world of difference, and for that we could never thank you enough. 

I am sharing a few photos taken over the last few days. One is with an amazing man of God, Bishop Roy Kossie, at his celebration of over 60 years of ministry. Doug presented him with an award and brought a word in season that evening. The other two were taken at the Houston Worship Centre as he was sharing a word he received from The Lord. The sermon title was, "When The Lion Roars, The Eagles Will Soar." He will also be sharing every Tuesday evening in the month of August at the prayer gathering at Grace Community Church in the Woodlands. If you are in the area, please join us. We would love to thank you in person for your prayers and support. We believe God is up to something BIG and look forward to whatever He has in store for us as we pray, and praise Him together. 

May your week be full of His presence, comfort, and provision. John 11:40 says: Then Jesus said, "Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?" We believe we have experienced His grace, peace, provision, and abounding love; as the church unites, we believe we will experience the glory of God!

From our home to yours, we send you love and hugs of gratitude.
Lisa Stringer and family

July 7

Tuesday, July 7, Doug completed round two of chemotherapy. We spent a full day and evening at MDA getting blood work done, meeting with his assigned oncologist, having the dressing and PICC line cap changed, and spent hours in a room filled with friends while he received the chemotherapy infusion.

One of the highlights of the day was getting to visit with two of our heroes, Pastors Dusty and Mary Kemp. They have gone before us on this cancer-beating journey and have graciously clued us in the process. We shared, laughed, prayed, hugged, and loved; we all knew deep down that this too would pass, and oh the stories we would share with all we encountered of His goodness and grace.

Luke 17:11-19 speaks of the ten lepers that were healed. Verse 15 stands out: "When one of them saw that he was healed, he came back. He praised God in a loud voice. He threw himself at Jesus' feet and thanked Him." All of the lepers were healed, but the one who came back was made whole.

With verse 15 in mind, we want to share with you all some of the great things that God has done for us over the last month or so. We want to thank you, our spiritual family and friends for your fervent prayers, as they have availed much. He has heard your prayers and He has been more than faithful!

We were awaiting test results from two different biopsies done in Doug's throat. If there was a particular mutation of a gene, we were going to be required to be hospitalized every three weeks for 5 days at a time for 24/7 chemo infusion. This was something we were praying against, and with every day that passed, we believed that no news was good news. Tuesday we found out that Doug tested negative in all three areas for this gene mutation. Can you hear me, "THANK YOU, JESUS!"

This was a huge win. There is something about receiving the treatment and then returning to the comforts of home. To the meals made with love; meals that have been prayed for from the time we purchased the ingredients at the grocery store, to the preparation, and finally the presentation to my cancer-beating husband. Another place of victory has been in the limited amount of side effects he has experienced. To this day, he has yet to have an upset stomach and has had limited nauseousness. He has had his moments, but they pale in comparison to what most thought he would have, or others have experienced. 

Doug has lost about 95% of his hair, I have shaved his head down to a 1 blade. I don't think he trusts me to shave him bald; truth is, I don't trust myself. I'm quite confident he would need some band-aids after I was done with him. He has a good attitude, and it is contagious. 

Yesterday, we stopped by a hospital to pray for a young man about to have surgery to remove the cancer that was discovered just a few days before. As we were walking down the hallway, our friends who were in the waiting area heard an eagle's call, saw a bald eagle on the TV, and then saw Doug and I approaching through the glass windows. They looked at each other and said, "The eagle has landed." Some of them had been at the prayer gathering on July 4th and heard the message Doug had shared. Coincidence, or a God moment; nonetheless, it was a confirmation to them that healing was on its way. Not because of Doug, but because of the message that he had shared on the bald eagle and where they get their strength from (refer to my post from July 4th.)

We had taken with us a pillow of peace, just like the one a wonderful woman of God made for us. As my friends and I were writing scriptures on it, many approached us with curiosity and we were able to share His love with the many that asked. We had met at a restaurant and made our table our workstation. What has been given to us, we are making every effort to pay it forward. No matter what the outcome is in any situation, if we give freely, lovingly, deeply, compassionately, God wins; and we are all the better for it. 

To the thousands praying all over the world, please hear this, "THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!" We are grateful beyond measure. It is because of your prayers, to The Great I AM, that we are able to run the race with peace that surpasses understanding. You have held up our arms and have sewn into our lives in numerous ways. We are without words, but offer our prayers of gratitude to The Lord for your lives. We speak blessings, health, and provision over you all. We look forward to seeing you all as He wills, and thanking you all in person, because we are confident that Doug's healing is being manifested more and more each day.

#DougBeatsCancer  #StringerStrong #ThankYouJesus
#PricelessFriendships  #PowerInHisName

July 5

Over the last few days Doug and I have noticed an increase in hair loss, a side effect we were told would happen rather quickly. In fact, I met an overcomer who beat cancer that told me she had lost all of her body hair, including nose hairs, by day five. I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility, but spoke life into his body and prayed against it. With each passing day, I believed that the lack of hair loss was a wink from heaven. I guess it was, it could have happened sooner.

I was intentional about not mentioning my observation to Doug, I would just clean it up and try and convince myself that this was the normal hair loss any of us have. I continued to pray that the chemo would only destroy the bad cells and not the good ones, hence not causing him hair loss. He is a trooper and not scared to face himself in the mirror; I on the other hand love his hair and want it to stay right where it's at!

Last night (Friday, July 3rd) he noticed the hair and asked if I thought he was losing it. I did not look at him, I just answered yes as quickly as I could and kept as positive as possible. In his courageous style, he simply said, "Bummers." I left him alone to finish his business and I heard him say, "My hair is everywhere, I'm sorry." This is a sad reality for many cancer patients. When you are walking through a battle of this sort, it is not about vanity, it is about appreciating the little things in life. Unnatural hair loss, taking a shower on your own without having to protect a PICC line, feeling under par, having to limit your diet to unpleasant medicinal drinks or diets, are all not normal and non-negotiables.

I made my way to bed as it was well after midnight and we had an early day of ministry. After only a couple hours of sleep, Doug wakes me up to share a revelation he had. Oh the joys of having a night owl for a husband; even a diagnosis of cancer doesn't slow him down when God's in it.

This is the revelation he had and a part of what he shared at the 4th of July worship and prayer gathering for America.

He jokingly but seriously said, "The eagle is balding," referring to himself. The Lord was reminding him that America's national bird is the bald eagle. When it is weak, it soars higher focusing on the brightness of the sun to regain its strength. The Lord began to minister to Doug's heart as to where the condition of our nation was; it was disheartened, and weakened. Initially the joke was about him losing his hair, but as God began to give him a download, that quickly changed. The bald eagle, to America, actually represents strength and courage. When the eagle is weakened it flies high, staring right at the sun, as it helps it to regain its strength. God reminded Doug of Isaiah 40:31, "...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Doug often reminds us that our life experiences become a life message that is bigger than us. He passionately related the importance of the eagle in America, except he added that when we are weak and weary, we must not give in, but shoot straight for the brightness of the SON. He also related to Hebrews 12:2, "fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith."

Shortly after leaving the prayer gathering, we received numerous encouraging messages from people who were touched by the word in season. One person wrote, "The headline in today's Houston Chronicle is, 'Nation Unites to Save Bald Eagles.' How amazing is this in light of Doug saying the eagle is balding! Our God is so good. It was wonderful today."

For the Stringer family, it was a privilege to have Ashley on the worship team, Doug share and lead us in prayer, and for me to gather with others to worship and pray for our nation. It was a good day.

After enjoying the fireworks from our balcony, a friend called to offer with Ashley's transportation to church. I mentioned to her that Doug lost, in a matter of hours, a great deal of the hair she saw him with at the prayer gathering this afternoon. I love what she responded with, "It's only hair. The hair does not make the man, God makes him who he is. The eagle may be bald, but he still soars!!!" She totally got the message.

Douglas, you may become bald by tomorrow, but I know you will continue to soar to the SON, from where your strength comes from; you will soar like never before, with greater strength, power, anointing, and grace. I love you my cancer-beating prince; with or without hair, you will always have my heart.

As Doug shared with us today, and I often hear him say, #SomebodyStillCaresAmerica. He reminded us that we need a heart awakening in the church if we are to have a revival in the land.

Happy Independence Day, America!

June 29

Doug has had the desire to get back to the gym for over three weeks now, and with all that has been taking place in our nation, he has been too busy to enjoy a workout. Today he was determined to make a comeback.

His physicians have recommended that he keep as much a normal schedule as his body permits, including trips to the gym. In fact, it was recommended that he stay active so that arthritis and other joint issues wouldn't set in because of the chemo. I often think about the many opportunities he has to use the cancer as an excuse to not answer calls, emails, attend meetings, minister, help his family, or work out at the gym. Not Douglas! He is determined to not let cancer get the best of him. I witness him serving the body in every capacity possible; praying with those in need, offering counsel when it is sought out, and sharing His love with anyone who will listen.

There is a protocol in our home that was inspired by the Holy Spirit. We start off early in the morning drinking medicinal teas, then go onto an array of natural vitamins and immune building drinks and pills. This goes on at various intervals throughout the day ending with a healing tea at night. In between there is the daily flushing of the PICC line, and on a weekly basis the changing of the dressing. With this being said, I see Doug on his good days and, as he says, on his better days. He is a champion in my eyes. He asked me this evening to taste one of the apple cider vinegar drinks he consumes daily, and I just couldn't do it. In fact, I don't think I could take half the things I put in front of him and expect him to take on a daily basis.

While we were at the gym, I captured numerous photos of him. He had such joy as he was able to lift about 80% of his normal weights. It's the little things in life. I was concerned he would push himself too hard and cause a problem with the PICC line or ??? Being that this was the first workout since the PICC line was inserted. Perhaps for him, it was a matter of recognizing that he still had significant physical strength and ability. After all, we all desire to feel accomplished or undefeated by enemy attack. I was proud of him, motivated to not take the easy road, and inspired to not let the little hiccups in life keep me down.

There was a very fit, middle aged man who had been watching us as we worked out. As he was leaving the gym, he approached us while doing our leg extensions. I saw his eyes get glossy and he shook Doug's hand and said, "Keep going! I know what you're going through and admire your perseverance, don't quit!" I couldn't help but think as I looked around, what story does the person next to me have? Do they have a spiritual or physical need? Are they walking through an emotionally difficult time? We live in a world where we mask so much of our pain and are very quick to judge without knowing all the facts.

May we, as Christians, exhibit the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness. May we remember that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, and as Doug says, "Our desire to win must be greater than our moments of challenge or pain."

Today was a good day. Doug wore the strength hat because today he was feeling  #stringerstrong


June 16

Yesterday we arrived in Houston quite tired, as we had only slept for a few hours, prior to catching an early flight from Washington, D.C. We were able to make it to our appointment at MDA on time for a PICC line to be placed in Doug’s arm; this is where he will receive his chemo treatment. It is supposed to be a permanent fixture over the next few months. Prior to inserting the line, we were asked to watch a video which included information on the risks that could take place. I was sitting on the gurney behind Doug, when tears began to stream down my face. I wiped them as quickly as I could and tried to be as still as I could so that he nor Ashley would notice.

After a quick "so long," Ashley and I waited in the garden where I poured my heart out to God. We then went home to prepare for the possibility of a tropical storm, locking down anything that could fly and do damage to our home or a neighbor’s.

Needless to say, it was another long night. After a few hours sleep, it was time to arise and take Ashley to the hospital for an outpatient procedure she needed. We left home by 5:30am; Pastor Rick Torrison picked up Doug at 6:15am to take him to begin a full day of chemo and more at MDA.

My heart was feeling a bit overwhelmed. I had my daughter undergoing a procedure that would have her under anesthesia for about an hour, and my husband starting chemo just a few blocks away. I am beyond grateful that Susie Wolf surprised me and spent the day listening to me, praying with me, and reminding me of Who is in control. After Ashley was released, we all decided to go support Douglas.

I sat in a meeting with one of Doug’s physicians and was once again told about risks with certain medications. I was pulled aside this morning and told the same with Ashley before they began. As with anything, the hospital staff are required to share all the side effects and worst case scenarios. I have to admit, though, I didn’t want to hear any more about what could go wrong. I was super sensitive and tired, and this made me all the more emotional. Matthew 6:34 says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Thanks Susie for reminding me :)

It is now almost 6pm, and we will more than likely be here until at least 10pm; truly a very long and trying day. Before the chemo was administered, we gathered around Doug and the medications and prayed.

Thanks to Mary, Debi, and others who have shared their experiences and have given us ideas on how to keep positive through it all. Thanks Rick, Ruben, and Susie for loving us today in ways we could never repay. Thanks to all who have sent texts, emails, and more.

Like in posts past, Doug and I recognize that there are many more who are suffering greater challenges. All around us are people who are weak, sick, and in need. Injustice for many is taking place all over the world. But God is more than able.

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