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If We Will Go, He will Come!
How many of us would say that we want to be used of God? I believe all of us who are Christians would say we desire for God to use us. I believe we would also agree that if God spoke something to our hearts He wanted us to do that our desire is to obey Him. I believe the Lord is asking us all a question and making a promise at the same time. "If we will be faithful to go where the Lord leads us, then He will meet us and souls will be added to the Kingdom".
The Whole Earth Groans with Birth Pangs
Between the evening news and box office movies touting the end of the world, it's easy to become afraid. The "shaking" around us causes our minds to start racing with questions. What's going to happen? Will our economy fail? Will terrorists attack us? Will there be a war, a hurricane, an earthquake, or some other disaster that hits close to home? Will life as we know it change forever? Will we and our loved ones be safe?

Stem Cell Discovery: No Embryos Needed
Scientists have made human skin cells take on the cloning characteristics of embryonic stem cells -- a breakthrough that might someday deliver the medical payoffs without the ethical controversy.

Revisiting the 'Right' to Bear Arms
Do Americans have a right to own and keep their own guns? The Supreme Court may be about to answer that question in the first gun case it's taken up in 70 years.

Randall Flinn
Ad Deum Dance Company, founded and directed by Randall Flinn, is a professional Houston, Texas based contemporary/modern dance company. The company is comprised of dancers that have found home in Houston from all across the globe. Dramatic passion, flowing grace and fierce athleticism abound as these artists explore the mysteries of faith, grace, beauty and redemption through the freedom created by God for the expressions of the human body, soul, and spirit.

Doug Stringer
Dr. J. Doug Stringer is founder and President of Turning Point Ministries International, which birthed an international movement known as Somebody Cares, a network of organizations impacting their communities through unified grassroots efforts.
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