Who Was Jesus? Outreach Project
A Catalyst for City-Wide Evangelism
Bonnke crusade draws one of its largest crowds in Houston; prayer and evangelism continues
The Lion of Lyons Avenue
In the summer of 2014, the Lord spoke to Doug Stringer's heart that it was time to seek the Lord throughout the city. Read one of many highlights from this time...
The Response South Carolina
Lifting up Jesus with a day of fasting, prayer, and worship
2014 Ministry Impact
Year End Magazine
Ministry Impact Report 2013
Rejoice with us at what God has done!
TPMI Year in Review 2012
View our 2012 Turning Point Ministries International Year in Review!
If We Will Go, He will Come!
How many of us would say that we want to be used of God? I believe all of us who are Christians would say we desire for God to use us. I believe we would also agree that if God spoke something to our hearts He wanted us to do that our desire is to obey Him. I believe the Lord is asking us all a question and making a promise at the same time. "If we will be faithful to go where the Lord leads us, then He will meet us and souls will be added to the Kingdom".
Jericho Ride VII held this spring across the U.S., internationally
Praying down strongholds in our nation, our cities, and our lives
Dance Ad Deum celebrates 15 years of ministry through dance!
Since 2000, creating and performing excellent and vital works of dance that serve to wash over the heart and soul of humanity with relevant meaning and redemptive hope.
TPMI Family Worship Night
Thursday, July 2, 7-9pm
5005 West 34th Street
Houston TX 77092

July 4th Fasting & Prayer

Saturday, July 4, 10am-2pm
IPC Hebron
4660 South Sam Houston Parkway
Houston TX 77048
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