Credit Card Policy


Turning Point Ministries International (TPMI) encourages caution and self-discipline in the use of credit cards. We offer opportunities to donate online and to purchase products online as a convenience to those who manage their finances in this way. We trust you will prayerfully consider your resources before making a credit card donation of any kind, and we recommend credit card donations be made on a card you pay off every month.

Donations to TPMI are used in support of Christian ministry, humanitarian relief and community development programs in the United States and worldwide. They are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. On-line gift acknowledgements are given for verification. Official gift receipts will be e-mailed or mailed to donors for tax purposes.

Online donations to TPMI are accepted in U.S. dollars only. All donations will be receipted from the U.S. office in U.S. dollars. (If your credit card is issued by a non-U.S. bank, your credit card statement should reflect your donation in your local currency. Any questions regarding that statement should be directed to the issuing bank.)