Missionaries and ministries–past and present–birthed, inspired by, or supported through the evangelism, training, and sending of TPMI are making a global impact! If you are interested in supporting any of the ministries below, please connect through the missionary’s website, if listed, or by donating through TPMI.

Justin & Kynada Boland
One Mission Christian Friends of Israel 
Jewish Agency of Israel Office

Joel & Soraya Canamar
Formerly with Teen Challenge of the Mid-South

Roxanne Foster
Formerly with Baby Haven
Johannesburg, South Africa

Rebecca Gutierrez
Formerly in Reynosa, Mexico

Jerry & Jana Lackey
Love Botswana Outreach Mission
Maun, Botswana, Africa

Bud & Laura Lenz
Founders and Former President/Director, El Arca Children’s Home
Cusco, Peru

Dorothy Logans
Formerly with Mercy Ships

Missionaries to Southeast Asia
Marketplace, Prayer, and Friendship Evangelism

Tim Morrow
Teen Challenge of the Mid-South

Joy Rivas
Colombia, South America

Moriyah Shalom
Negev Desert, Israel

Elseline Verkirk
Formerly with MedAir
Africa and Southeast Asia