by Randy Flinn  |  September 29, 2015


Destiny is an investment of time, sacrifice and much labor. In the book of Nehemiah, it says that the people assembled together for the duration of the work. It took a village to rebuild a city. It took servant hearted workers that also stood guard as soldiers. To achieve success and victory, they had to stand united, even when it seemed as if the odds were against them. It was imperative that they all took ownership for the completion of the journey.

Nehemiah was a strong leader, committed to the call and task; but he could never accomplish this alone. God called faithful ones to his side as dedicated co-laborers. This was not just Nehemiah’s vision and burden; it was God’s.

The enemies that surrounded them despised this “kingdom building work” – knowing that one day the Glory of the Lord would shine so powerfully from that place. These foes tried to discourage, disillusion and divide the team. Seems the Enemy knows that there is power in numbers when people remain on a given course that brings Light into the darkness. The Enemy will then seek for the dismantling.

Too many good and even great works are lost because people lose vision and leave their posts prematurely. To fortify even a significant work of God takes time and longevity to the service of corporate and communal building. A visionary without those who stand as pillars along their side will find their arms and their heart grow alone and weary, possibly even falling from the burnout.

Perhaps to be a flame, you must first learn to burn along with the fire or you may easily be extinguished when burning on your own. We need movements of the entire Body to make a greater impact and take more of the spaces needing to be claimed and restored. Isolated limbs have a beauty of their own; but they are stronger when attached to a core that is moving together as one.