September 30, 2015

This year marks the 15th year anniversary of Ad Deum Dance Company as a full time professional dance organization.

Ad Deum is a professional modern/contemporary dance company based in Houston, Texas, directed by its founder Randall Flinn, who established the company in January 2000. Dancers have come to Ad Deum from around the world seeking to be connected with a community of artists that share a common vision and desire.

Randy, who holds the distinction of being the “first Turning Pointer,” gave his life to Jesus in 1981 after Doug Stringer allowed Randy to use his exercise studio for his dance group’s rehearsals. Recognized nationally and internationally, Randy founded Ad Deum with the mission to create and perform excellent and vital works of dance that serve to wash over the heart and soul of humanity with relevant meaning and redemptive hope. In 15 years, Randy says, that mission has never changed.

Ad Deum has toured across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia. Their work has been featured in Dance Spirit and Dance Magazine and they have received outstanding reviews of their performances worldwide. For more information, visit