July 19, 2017

Bishop Roy Kossie, a spiritual father and pioneer, a hero and champion, turned 85 on July 4. On August 11, we will gather to honor Bishop Kossie, also known as the Lion of Lyons Avenue, and to Re-dig the Wells for Revival in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

This event, called The Lyons Dream, will mark the end of Reconciliation Week, a nation-wide call for the Church to join us in daily united prayers of reconciliation followed by tangibles expressions of Jesus.

We who have been reconciled to God through Christ have now been given the ministry of reconciliation. The Heart Awakened Church can become united and bring healing and hope to a nation divided.

Make plans to join us!

RSVP here for the Lyons Dream, August 11, Latter Day Deliverance Bible Church in Houston

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Read more on the history Somebody Cares, Bishop Kossie, and The Lyons Dream; click here to view the Digging the Wells of Revival video from 1991.